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The Good Daughter

October 20, 2016
Anyone who knows me knows that The Good Wife is my favorite show of all time, which is why I absolutely died when I found this top on Ebay for $62. Makenzie Vega, who portrays Grace Florrick, wore this top in season seven, episode two of The Good Wife, and I have been longing for it ever since. Furthermore, Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario), two of my favorite television characters, both wore the long-sleeved version of this sweater, AND it's a product of my favorite brand, Alice and Olivia. So, yeah, I was pretty psyched. But I digress.

Grace Florrick has grown so much over the past seven seasons, and I truly admire her strong will, faith, feistiness, and compassion. I have always identified with Alicia Florrick, but her daughter, Grace, has so many honorable qualities of her own that often go overlooked. It was so much fun recreating her outfit from Innocents (featuring some Kalinda-style boots much like the ones Grace sports later on in "Iowa").

Photo credit: Carina Gold

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